It is believed that these two people really went to the mochania tribe. However, the three giants all know that the power of the punishment palace will never be under them. A bright white flame suddenly erupted from the back of the mechanical body, and the huge mechanical At that time, Guo Nanweng got the strength of the former and the latter, but he didn't move the We need to get enough food as soon as possible. But how many rules can be awakened and understood is totally related to one's talent. "Ha ha, young and frivolous, two people even dare to come up." Let your Fuxiang company have no business from now on. "Poor Clark, what's going on? Why are you so restless?" They are equal levels with the Song Dynasty. Faced with a large number of people with similar or even stronger strength with Jinkang, Su Hao did "Childe, the map of xuechagu, because of the secret place of xuechagu, has now reached 30000 xuanlid The cold current is fast, wide in scope and powerful. The talent of ice bone pulse and the increase In the face of the girls' smiles, Phoenix suddenly felt selfish and ashamed. Qingshui picked up the food on one side and put it on the tea table in the room, and said to the two Crocodile saw big Luo come up ferociously, like in a hurry to cross flash back to escape, avoid the "I can't believe it. I came out a step earlier than you." During the day, Hou yuan and Ji Fengyun were all there. In the middle, there was a handsome man in a

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