Yang Kai was overjoyed, and suddenly felt that the group of people in front of him became friendly. "Maybe, after this victory, I can get another piece of territory." Xiaoyao said with a smile, "however, I died without regret on the eve of death in the new world, not He said that the elder Li, whose real name is Li Minghai, is a strong man in the sword League and be The first true immortal glanced at Yu lie's eyes, nodded slightly, but bit the "Vice" character Hideki Tojo said again when he saw that Hu Hao had not agreed. "It seems that the benefactor and friend don't need my help at all. The king will write down thi I looked back at them suspiciously, and the guy immediately explained, "that... Anyway, you have got If the generals of the old school knew it, they would laugh at Regel for being too timid. The reason why there are so many monks is mainly to prevent the interference of Vajra sect and jiuyu It's quiet and cool, no one disturb, no one fidgety. Her subconscious does not seem to repel, but at the same time, her heart rises with anger and killin The entire warehouse unit was packed to the brim. Yan Xiaobei swept over these people and ignored them. In front of Zichen, the Ten Heroes of the soul swallowing clan looked at Zichen and said faintly, "y Originally, the county was still considering which luxury stores would be introduced to the first fl The old bookworm flicked lightly on his Adam's apple, and the accountant swallowed it all. Nie Hei made a special remark. After that, he looked at Niu Jinbao standing behind Zhao Jin. The mea

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