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"Xiandi, his subordinates have a plan, or they can delay it for a long time." No one in the Department of security knows what that strange shaped airtight object is. The armor is moderate... Not as heavy and clumsy as a tank. Since they are compatriots, even if it is worse, it will not be worse. Sheng Qiye said, "I didn't know if I would see the sun again at that time, so..." "Hey, Han, Hill's a distinguished guest. Besides, make some beer next time." Haitian's car starts slowly and goes towards the road outside! Meixue embraces Tianhu's delicate, soft body and whispers in her ear. In fact, if Lu Hei hei hadn't opened his mouth, he would have wanted to bid. "Cher, I want to go to the toilet. Where is the toilet?" Soldiers are not killers. They don't have gorgeous and delicate killing skills, but they are sha "Ha ha, you have such a good mentality. Today, how many students and parents are not calm in their h This made governor Antony Pedro dare not use despicable methods, fearing that the Xinhua army would He looked a little proud and touched his white chubby chin. "There are thousands of people coming ou Jiang Xiaowan said: "especially the Yada Haoping!" For this memory demon, for any purpose, for his own goal, he can easily put death on the agenda! Zhao Jin explained his analysis. All the partners were cautious. Even the women and children were aw "It's because I became the CEO of Soto international fund, and I had business cooperation, and t

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